Events section

To make the events section easier for users, we updated the the ui on a number of fronts:

# Landing & Category page:

  • Added snippets prior to search box to explain each event type to help users decide how to search.
  • Added “Some events have moved online” box.
  • Updated colours. We’ve limited colours to just two, purple to highlight TTT events and blue for all others.
  • UI changes to how boxes are displayed.
  • Remove snippet and is often repetition of event title.

# individual Page

  • Moved boxed information from sidebar to main content column, as analytics indicate it wil be engaged with more in this position.
  • CTAs now at top and bottom of page so users who skim and users who digest can both find
# Events landing page screenshot
Screenshot of Events landing page screenshot
# Events category page screenshot
Screenshot of Events category page screenshot
# Evetns individual page screenshot
Screenshot of Evetns individual page screenshot